solar power

storage battery

Our battery is a printed power source designed to be produced onto a thin, flexible material with Flexible Construction, which can thereafter be retrofitted onto printed solar panels and lighting.

It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and does not contain heavy metals. The batteries range in size and power and can be as small as one square inch and hold up to 250 volts.


  • Retrofit onto solar panels and lights.
  • Source of self-sustainable power storage.
  • Power for consumer electronics.


  • Printed onto a single substrate.
  • Customizable constructions.
  • Modifiable voltages depending on shape and size.
  • Thin and lightweight profile.
  • Safe to handle.
  • 10kWh Battery

    10k1A/h Battery Applications

    Commercial – direct tie into breakers
    Cell Tower – Battery back up during outages
    Irrigation System – power machinery used to water vegetation
    Residential – Power an entire home during power outage
    Military – Portable power for tents, radios, communications, exc
    Vehicles – Power supply for electric vehicles (ex; golf carts, cars, exc)
    Safety – Portable power packs for emergency safety lighting
    Generator – Cut out the cost of diesel


    Triton Battery Warranty

    10kwh Spec Sheet

    July Triton Booklet

    Cell Spec Sheet Triton July-2017

    July Triton Booklet Spanish

    Light Towers

    Portable Battery

    Printed Light

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