All-in-one box 10 kWh battery + True-Hybrid Inverter


Power Storage Just Got Easy



Triton Solar produces high quality & most efficient batteries.


We deliver battery backup in shipping containers for large scale requirements ranging from 1 MWh to 10 MWh in a single shipping container. Our compact battery technology can provide 10 MWh in a 40 ft shipping container unlike anyone else. We provide onboard touchscreen for easy operations paired with our very own online IoT platform Triton CMS.


Now we can enable all industries with complete power backup using our rack mount battery packs & inverters using a fraction of the room instead of whole rooms full of batteries. Our compact battery systems allow full replacement of air & noise polluting DG sets.


Pandora Box can lead your home towards an energy neutral scenario. A single box with 10 kWh energy storage, 5 kW solar & wind inverter, inbuilt EV charging station and integrated IoT infrastructure. Basically it s a single box to take care of all your energy needs. All these comes in the size of our regular battery box for a significantly reduced physical footprint. EMP protection is included in our products.

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