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Our Team

The Triton Solar team has extensive experience in starting and growing profitable businesses. The core members bring together a wealth of knowledge and consist of varied backgrounds, whose strengths complement one another.

What we do

Additionally, Triton Solar has engaged the services of an international business development team to provide insight, structure, and competitive strategies, as well as outlining market opportunities in the early stages of growth. Together, the Triton team covers a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge in intellectual capital and financial management, manufacturing and operations, and sales and marketing in renewable energy organizations.

Himanshu B. Patel

Chairman & Founder
In 2005 Mr. Patel founded Triton Infosys, a company that has been recognized as a premium provider of end-to-end security and surveillance solutions for commercial clients including retail stores, hotels and resorts, educational and  higher learning institutions, and governments and single focus agencies such as homeland security. Currently, Triton Infosys has business in eleven countries including the US. Himanshu Patel possesses an in-depth understanding of IT, surveillance and the solar products that support and maintain those systems. He has applied this vast experience to the renewable energy sector and specifically engineered solar technology, products and software that wets a higher standard for energy efficiency solar systems.

Keith Schiller

worldwide corporate ambassador
Keith Schiller (born c. 1958) is a former Deputy Assistant to U.S. President Trump who concurrently served as Director of Oval Office Operations. Prior to his appointment in the Trump administration, Schiller served as the Director of Security for The Trump Organization, in this capacity, he was the personal bodyguard to Trump and his family. He has been described as “One of Trump’s most loyal and trusted aides” and “a constant presence to Trump’s side for nearly two decades.
Keith Schiller joined the United States Navy immediately after finishing high school. He served primarily at the Little Creek base in Norfolk, Virginia, and also spend time as a Radioman 3rd Class on the USS Plymouth Rock, a landing ship for amphibious vehicles. After serving on the Special Boat Teams, he left active duty in 1982 and spent another two years in the reserve, serving until 1984.

  • NY State Division for Youth 1984 – 1992
  • NYPD 1992 – 2004
  • OCID – Organized Crime Investigations Division
  • High-level Drug Organizations – Throughout NY, NJ
  • Rank Detective 2nd Grade
  • Trump Organizations 1999 – 2004 Part-Time
  • Trump Organizations 2004 – 2017 Full Time
  • White House January September 2017


Ambassador For Malaysia
Her Highness Dato’ Seri Dr. Romona Murad is the President for ROMONA INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD and ROMONA CONSULTANCY AND MANAGEMENT. Her Highness also holds the position as a Goodwill Ambassador for the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, ARBITRATION, POLITICS, AND STRATEGIC STUDIES and as Board of Director for the WORLD EXCLUSIVE CLUB and GROUPS based in Singapore. Her Highness has recently been appointed as President of Malaysia for the MARINE Foundation. And HH Princess has also been appointed as Vice Permanent Representative of the French International ADN (Aider-Donner-Nourrir) NGO in Malaysia.
Her Highness Honors:

  • Being nominated for “The Medal of Excellence for the Most Influential Figures in the World 2014” by ICHAPS
  • Ambassadress for Culture, Business and Humanity to Malaysia (ROYAL SOCIETY GROUP)
  • Honorary Member of Royal Society Group, WORLD
  • The Most Distinguished Member Award from ROYAL SOCIETY GROUP
  • Certificate Hall of Honor from HRH Prince Ydenir Prudenciano III Machado of Brazil, ROYAL SOCIETY BRAZIL
  • Honorable Member for Spiritual and Healing Member, ROYAL SOCIETY GROUP
  • Conferred the title Dame Commander and Commander -The Order Royal and Sovereign of the Arameans Lion of Judah by HRH Prince Ydenir Prudenciano III Machado of Brazil (2011)
  • Royal Society Dignitaries and Honorable Priority Members – Honorable Council Member – Grand Order of the Council Honor (2011)
  • Sultan Special Award from His Royal Highness Sultan Ali A. Umpa, Royal House of Kapatangan, Sulu (2011)
  • Honorary Member for the International Royal Academy of United Nations
  • Honorary Member from World Organizer of Martial Arts, USA(2011)
  • VAL Honorary Member and Malaysia Ambassador for VAL, Slovenia (2012) – www.val-voda.si
  • Awarded merit-based full tuition scholarship by the Public Services Department
  • Recipient, Outstanding International Student Leader, UTA (April 1990)
  • Nominee, Outstanding Student Leader of the University of Texas, Arlington (April 1990)
  • Member , Phi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society), UTA
  • Awarded Dean’s List (Fall 1988)

Princess Maria Amor

Ambassador For Philippines
Princess Raden Dato’Seri Mariam Amor Torres Ali, DK, D.D. is an adopted daughter and the eldest among the children of HRH Tuangku Dr. Datu Camad Mangotara Ali, the Grand Master and Prime Minister of the Royal House of Baloi. She is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Protocol & Appointment Officer of The Royal House of Baloi, recipient of DERJAH KERABAT (highest award for Royalty given to Kings, Sultans, Presidents) and is the Founder and President of the We Care for Humanity, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote universal humanitarianism and provide education, health and empowerment to the underprivileged and underserved women and children using various global novel collaboration and projects. We Care for Humanity was founded in 2009 and formalized in 2011.
Under her leadership, We Care for Humanity has initiated many innovative and important activities in extending care and help to the poor and the needy, building peace projects, strengthening international relations, promoting education and health for all, and empowering women and developing new peace and humanitarian leaders.
Her Highness Honors:

  • Home Minister, The Royal Kingdom of Sulu
  • Global Ambassador of Goodwill, The Royal House of Balo-I, Philippines
  • Global Ambassador, International Human Rights Organization (IHRO)
  • Goodwill Ambassador, Acid Survivors Foundation, India (ASFI)
  • Goodwill Ambassador, Navodaya Foundation, Sri Lanka
  • Publicity Ambassador, HWPL, Korea
  • Director, International Dignitary Affairs, World Peace Committee, Indonesia
  • Ambassador-At-Large, Order of St. John, Knights of Malta

Rakesh Patel

Vice President
Rakesh has many years of operational experience with numerous Triton Enterprise ventures. His information technology work for companies such as Liz Claiborne and Johnson & Johnson has been instrumental in streamlining security system installations with remote access monitoring. Triton Solar’s success in the development of Nano-technology based batteries for solar panels is due in part to Rakesh’s keen insight and will eliminate the need for a connection to the traditional electric grid. Additionally, his diverse management and operations expertise will ensure strong leadership for Triton Solar in the years ahead.

Kush V. Patel

Managing Partner & Chief Operations Officer
Kush Patel is instrumental in managing Triton Solar’s day-to-day operations. His leadership fosters interaction and collaboration among Triton’s management team and employees. This oversight has led to a highly efficient methodology that guarantees Triton’s technological advancements, and ensures that QA standards are met and exceeded in all products and production facilities. His duties include executive level management in cooperation with department heads, production, and inventory facilitation as well as balancing the annual budget.

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