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Our Team

The Triton Solar team has extensive experience in starting and growing profitable businesses. The core members bring together a wealth of knowledge and consist of varied backgrounds, whose strengths complement one another.

What we do

Additionally, Triton Solar has engaged the services of an international business development team to provide insight, structure, and competitive strategies, as well as outlining market opportunities in the early stages of growth. Together, the Triton team covers a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge in intellectual capital and financial management, manufacturing and operations, and sales and marketing in renewable energy organizations.

Himanshu B. Patel

Chairman & Founder
In 2005 Mr. Patel founded Triton Infosys, a company that has been recognized as a premium provider of end-to-end security and surveillance solutions for commercial clients including retail stores, hotels and resorts, educational and higher learning institutions, and governments and single focus agencies such as homeland security. Currently, Triton Infosys has business in eleven countries including the US. Himanshu Patel possesses an in-depth understanding of IT, surveillance and the solar products that support and maintain those systems. He has applied this vast experience to the renewable energy sector and specifically engineered solar technology, products and software that wets a higher standard for energy efficiency solar systems.

Rakesh Patel

Vice President
Rakesh has many years of operational experience with numerous Triton Enterprise ventures. His information technology work for companies such as Liz Claiborne and Johnson & Johnson has been instrumental in streamlining security system installations with remote access monitoring. Triton Solar’s success in the development of Nano-technology based batteries for solar panels is due in part to Rakesh’s keen insight and will eliminate the need for a connection to the traditional electric grid. Additionally, his diverse management and operations expertise will ensure strong leadership for Triton Solar in the years ahead.

Kush V. Patel

Managing Partner & Chief Operations Officer
Kush Patel is instrumental in managing Triton Solar’s day-to-day operations. His leadership fosters interaction and collaboration among Triton’s management team and employees. This oversight has led to a highly efficient methodology that guarantees Triton’s technological advancements, and ensures that QA standards are met and exceeded in all products and production facilities. His duties include executive level management in cooperation with department heads, production, and inventory facilitation as well as balancing the annual budget.

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