Printed Solar

  • Triton Solar Panels utilize nanotechnology to create printable solar panels. Solar panels have higher efficiency than traditional mono/polycrystalline solar panels, featuring windows that are clear and functional from both directions. This allows sunlight to pass through while generating electricity, even in conditions of ambient lighting. Peak power on solar panels during daytime is a maximum generating capacity of 524.71W and an average of 403W. Generally, lifetime of these solar panels has a 1-2% degrading factor per year. After 10 years it drops down to 90%, and after 20 years, to 80%. Triton solar panels use this resource to provide sustainable energy while minimizing carbon footprint. We are the only company to provide hybrid solar panels that not only generate power, but also store it for use up to 72 hours during minimal sunshine. This is done without requiring communication to the electric grid. Triton Solar’s hybrid solar panels achieved a record-breaking efficiency of 55%, significantly higher than the next leader in efficiency at 20%.



    • Lightweight construction.
    • Nanotech printed solar panels.
    • Non-toxic printed batteries.
    • Highly efficient panels.
    • No electric grid required.


    • Windows for residential/commercial buildings.
    • Outdoor and indoor electronics.
    • Solar farms

    Printed Solar

    Max Power 403w
    Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 236.46V
    Short Circuit Current(ISC) 2.46A
    Voltage at Pmax(Vmp) 181.7
    Current at Pmax(Imp) 2.22A
    Max System Voltage 1000V
    Nominal Operating Cell Temp 45C
    Weight 57.32 Lb
    Applicationg Class Class A
    Overload Protection Current 4A

    Solar Panels Collateral