Printed Light


    Triton’s lighting technology provides the world with a new method of efficient illumination. These printed lights can be used in a wide variety of products including, but not limited to, retail signs, promotional signs, and restaurant menus etc. The printed lights produce 600-800 lumens depending on size, which can range from one square inch to 800 square feet. Despite the provided brightness, the lights have a life span of 80,000-100,000 hours.



    • Printed onto a single substrate.
    • Custom lighting constructions.
    • Modifiable battery voltages by simply changing the artwork.
    • Seamless integration into standard printing processes.
    • Environmentally friendly with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


    • Integration into advertising and marketing products.
    • Safety
    • Clothing.
    • Road/highway signs.
    • Precision-cut lighting tailored to specific need.